Say Hashtag? Insta-Print Is Here!

Hashtag Printer

Thermal printing has a new variant on the block, and it is called Insta-print. So what is Insta-print? Instant print? Nah! Insta-print is a thermal printer sitting in the corner, connected to the Internet and searching for your Instagram hashtag. Did we just say hashtag? Yes! Hashtag is the key here. This unique printer searches for pictures using Instagram hashtags. For instance, if you have photos of an important event all grouped under a custom hashtag, you can use the printer to search for the hashtag. What happens next is that it instantly starts printing real-world pictures.

According to digitaltrends,

“Hashtag’s fun Instagram Printer is a super-fast photo printer with an interactive, connected, social photo gallery built-in.”

The company that owns this cool new printer is also called “Hashtag.” And Hashtag’s thermal printer just takes seconds to find a photo online using a hashtag, warms up and spews out the photo. Cool? We think so too!

Digitaltrends also noted that, the share-to-print time was less than 20 to 30 seconds in total. They further added,

“Plus, the printer was starting cold, and once it’s up to temperature at an event, each picture emerges in about 11 seconds.”

To begin with the prints are sized at 6 x 4 inches and will soon move on a smaller dimensions. The idea is to eventually print photos that are small enough to carry around in a wallet. These mementos will truly capture your unique moments, instantly.

So how big is this printer? Pictures show that this printer is quite big. On the contrary, the printer is set up on a plinth, with the box on top holding the actual printer and a Windows tablet. The modem inside is versatile and connects to Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G LTE.

And how economical is the printing? If the reports are to be believed, this thermal printer can easily print up to 300 pictures on one single cartridge and a single batch of paper.

Andrew Theodore, Hashtag’s Director told digitaltrends that this printer is the just the prototype for the ten printers coming this summer. Since the company’s inception in April last year, it has garnered sufficient curiosity to have all of its lease slots booked for this year. The thermal printer offers to be a cool addition to your party, printing photos instantly. However, if you are looking to hire this printer for your party, you are looking at a $1,360 cost.

Costly? Maybe! But from a brand looking to go viral with its promotions, this is a small price to pay.

Over 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram everyday. Think of it this way, Hashtag wins in terms of making insta-memories and we get more than just a picture shared on Instagram. We get that picture instantly in hand with Insta-print.

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